Jardine of London features in Christie’s International Real Estate magazine

“I’ve admired beautiful handbags for many years,” says Mary Jardine, “but along with many other women, overt branding turns me away.” Logo-heavy arm candy was what inspired Jardine to launch Jardine of London – designer bags that don’t have a designer name splashed all over them. “My bags appeal to women who would love to own a classic and timeless handbag” in an understated way, says Jardine. “They take on a unique, silent identity.” Jardine’s Large Queen and Large City bags feature a gold bar – inspired by memories of her childhood music bag – and, capacious enough for an iPad or laptop, are ideal for day-to-day use.

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About Mary Jardine

I am Mary Jardine, founder, creator and designer for Jardine of London. My background was in the modelling world of organising photoshoots, fashion shows, advertising and marketing. I have always loved handbags – what girl doesn’t. One of my dreams was to have my own brand luxury handbag business and finally I have realised my dream.