Jardine of London interviewed by Nativa World

Jardine of London is the luxury British handbag brand that has captured the hearts of celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Emma Watson, Rosamund Pike and Naomi Watts.

Since launching in 2014, Jardine of London ‘City’ bags have also proved a hit with stylish city girls who love wearing these understated yet luxurious bags and satchels during the daytime and by night.

British entrepreneur and accessory designer, Mary Jardine is behind the label. Her luxury leather handbags are handmade in the UK. Her distribution channels are set online in the UK and further afield in Hong Kong and Singapore. Jardine of London bags and satchels are also sold locally in Suffolk.

Mary single-handedly established her small-sized handbag startup and her business continues to be self-funded. Her debut handbag collection immediately garnered noticeable acclaim in the UK since the products were unique, charismatic yet intimate.

Today, Mary’s business continues to course the same successful path as it has since its inception.

Included in her business strategy has not least been to diversify and collaborate, but also to innovate. The latter has seen her evolve and enhance her handbag designs in order to keep her products current, fresh and interesting.

‘Since we last spoke we’ve given the ‘City’ bag collection a new twist by using a luxurious fine grain goat-skin leather from a British tannery.’  She tells Nativa World.

‘In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday we named it the ‘Queen’ collection.   

‘Otherwise, we’ve just launched our new ‘Judi’ clutch named after our legendary British actress Dame Judi Dench.  

Jardine of London - The 'Judi' Clutch bag in red front view

‘This clutch has a stunning gold/leather detachable chain so when it opens you’re greeted with an array of tiny gold stars – all screen-printed with our pattern of Jardine Stars.

‘We introduced our Luxury Leather Goodie Pouches this year which are perfect for popping in your handbag or using on those lighter days as a ‘clutch’.

‘These have our signature gold star embossed on the outside for that special sparkle.’

More recently Jardine of London has begun to diversify its offerings with Mary introducing luxury candles and journals into her inventory.

‘The business is still small.’ Mary explains.

‘I’m able to have control of our developments and keep an eye on making sure the high quality of our products isn’t compromised.  

‘But I think my business has stayed ahead in this very competitive market by diversifying.  

‘Jardine of London is known for luxury handbags but that doesn’t stop us doing other products too.  

‘As long as we don’t lose sight of our core business

‘Our new range of Luxury Scented Candles are all hand-poured in England and include a beautiful silver lid and presentation box – making the perfect gift.  

‘There are 3 scents – SeaShore, Citrus Herb and Black Pepper.

‘I never thought I would be producing Luxury Scented Candles – but am so glad I have and they compliment our Luxury Leather goods and make a very good ‘entry’ product to our brand.

‘We’ve also, introduced our Luxury Leather Journals which come in 6 glorious colors, are handcrafted in England (of course!), have refillable notebooks and can be personalized.’ 

Over the past three years, collaboration has also been key to the success of Jardine of London with Mary enjoying working alongside a national British charity.

‘I’m always open to anything which has a good synergy with our brand and strongly believe collaborations with other like-minded businesses are very healthy and productive.’ She says,

‘Last year we dipped our toe into the glamorous world of Polo at the Guards Polo Club in Great Windsor Park – having our own Jardine of London Ladies team in aid of Breast Cancer Haven.  

‘We’re involved in this event again this year too and hope to continue to support events such as this in the future.

‘We also have future collaborations with British clothes designers who we believe hold a strong synergy with our brand.

‘We’re looking forward to seeing the results of these later in the year.’

Today Jardine of London continues to set the bar high within the competitive British accessory marketplace where products are known to quickly go out of fashion. Even as we transition through the seasons, the luxury handbags that we loved to wear and coveted a year ago, can suddenly begin to look tired. 

As Mary’s handbag startup continues to thrive through collaboration, diversification and innovation, she credits personal resilience with seeing her through the difficult moments she has experienced as an entrepreneur.

‘Developing a brand is never easy and no one ever said it would be.’ She explains. 

‘There are of course always difficulties and things take so much longer to achieve than you would wish for.

‘But if you can bare the ups and downs – the rewards are worth waiting for.

‘We all make mistakes but there’s nothing you can do but face them head on and deal with them.  

‘It might cost you in the short term –  but better now than paying for them later on ten times over.

‘Over the past two years I’ve learned how resilient I am.  

‘When things do go wrong – and they always do in any business – I thought I would struggle to deal with this, but have realised that if you pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off and get on with it – nothing is really that bad.  

‘As long as you have your health and your family around you – that’s the most important thing.

’As long as you learn from your past experiences – if you know where you’ve come from – this will really help with knowing where you want to end up.’


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About Mary Jardine

I am Mary Jardine, founder, creator and designer for Jardine of London. My background was in the modelling world of organising photoshoots, fashion shows, advertising and marketing. I have always loved handbags – what girl doesn’t. One of my dreams was to have my own brand luxury handbag business and finally I have realised my dream.